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Meet Urwa Zubair, the Pakistani American Filmmaker Bridging Cultural Gaps and Sharing Diverse Stories

In the vast landscape of South Asian artists making their mark in the United States, Urwa Zubair stands out as a remarkable filmmaker and storyteller. Her journey from Pakistan to the U.S. has been driven by a desire to expand her horizons, challenge her own thinking, and embrace the artistic freedom and creativity that Hollywood offers. With a strong focus on representation, inclusion, and diversity, Urwa’s work as a South Asian female filmmaker brings a fresh perspective to the industry. Her upcoming film, “Bani,” delves into the theme of empowerment and aims to bridge the gaps between genders and generations.

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Bani: Urwa Zubair’s Thought-Provoking Masterstroke Of Social Significance

We struggle as a society with difficulties related to generational and gender gaps and the social pressures and expectations that accompany them. These problems are especially widespread among Middle Eastern and South Asian populations, where cultural norms and traditional beliefs can significantly separate people into different generations and genders. This gap is what the movie “Bani” aims to bridge by cultivating respect and understanding among all viewpoints.

‘Bani’ is primarily a coming-of-age comedy-drama that chronicles the experiences of three sisters who are restrained by rigid social mores. Despite this, they manage to ignore limitations and go for their dreams of happiness and freedom. However, this results in the loss of their childhood.

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Sunday Exclusive | Interview With Urwa Zubair, The Renowned Producer

Afilmmaker and celebrated Producer at Columbia College, Chicago – Urwa developed an interest in cinema at an early age and hopes to continue producing films that aspire, and evoke emotion and meaning into the lives of individuals. As a producer, Urwa Zubair is a connector, constantly moving people around and linking ideas together.

”My first love was and will always be cinema. I think they both point towards an escape of some sort; a way to defy time zones, explore, create, build, and control your form of reality and the world. I feel like cinema can bring different parts of the world together, by bringing forth stories and diverse experiences from all over the world.” – Urwa Zubair

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As a producer, Urwa Zubair is a connector, constantly moving people around and linking ideas together. But to think she might have ended up connecting flights and moving bodies through the atmosphere instead. Urwa almost decided to become a pilot.

Like an airbus captain, Urwa does not show fear. She also doesn’t see anything as a problem, just as another task on her to-do list. I don’t say this lightly, but I would be comfortable with Urwa helming the cockpit anyday, whether she’s flying the friendly skies or making a production soar.


Urwa Zubair depicts Bani as a romantic tale between a dad and his little girls – which is by all accounts a fitting portrayal of the South Asian culture.

From The Silver Cord to Bani, genuine encounters and stories are what Urwa’s work is about, and she is effectively investigating her own interest in this world. She is a strange producer, disentangling however many subtleties as would be prudent in her movies.

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Pakistani Filmmaker Urwa Zubair’s Journey To Hollywood And Back

The Pakistani Filmmaker Urwa Zubair talks about identity, life after death, and female experience in Pakistan and Hollywood.

“I saw a painting in an art exhibition where two women were sitting on a train, their foreheads touching. Everyone thought they were romantically involved. I felt they were the same person – the body and the soul. The film Silver Cord was inspired by this very painting,” says Urwa Zubair, a female Pakistani filmmaker.

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Urwa Zubair Talks About How Pakistani Filmmaking Needs to Change [Exclusive]

The Pakistani entertainment industry has always been the subject of a lot of debate. It’s lack of diversity and often problematic narratives which are portrayed over and over again has garnered criticism from many who which to see more from our media. But there are some shining stars that are making way from a new kind of content to come from our own filmmakers. Meet Urwa Zubair, a Pakistani filmmaker who has worked on several award-winning short films. Her goal with her films is to showcase the diversity and representation that is still lacking in so many ways.

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Meet Urwa Zubair The Pakistani Filmmaker Creating Waves Internationally!

Pakistan as a country is very complicated and at the same time a very interesting place to live in right now. Standing tall as one of the upcoming economies, Pakistan was created on the basis of Islam. So it is very understandable that you’ll find all shades of people here. The very religious ones and the very progressive ones. Home to four provinces with different cultures residing in harmony each of their own historical importance. Pakistan’s diversity and its people are truly what make us extremely unique.

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Filmmaking alum Urwa Zubair taps into creative spark to make ‘something beautiful’

While walking past vibrant-colored walls and magnificently detailed creations at a Columbia art exhibit, Urwa Zubair stopped abruptly at the sight of a certain photograph.

Her gaze traveled across the canvas, noting how the two human subjects intimately shared the space, foreheads touching lightly. To Zubair, the women in the picture looked familiar, as if they were the same person: two manifestations of the same soul, she said.

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How Urwa Zubair is Paving the Way for Women in the Film Industry?

For women who are attempting to forge their own paths, Urwa serves as an embodiment of hope. She has always had a good eye for storylines and production.

Can women make good films?

This age-old question has persisted in a male-dominated industry, often overlooking female filmmakers. However, Urwa Zubair is answering that question in style. How? We will take a look at that and much more in today’s article.

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In the bustling world of filmmaking, there are rare talents that stand out and leave a profound impact on the industry. One such artist who has been making waves in the South Asian artists' community in the US is the remarkably talented Urwa. With a journey filled with determination, creativity, and groundbreaking work, Urwa has carved her path towards becoming a true visionary in the world of cinema.